XVIII. Duna Marathon – Program                                                                      

Saturday, 8th July 2017

12 h – 15 h        Registration for the Kids’ Competition

16 h                    Esztergom Grand Prix Kids’ Competition

18 h                    Announcement of the results of the Kids’ Competition, award ceremony

14 h – 19 h         On-site registration for the Duna Marathon for domestic competitors

20 h                    Concert of Alapzaj Ensemble, screening of archive films from pevious Duna Marathon races

Sunday, 9th July, 2017

7 h – 9 h           On-site registration for the Duna Marathon for domestic and foreign competitors

9 h 05               Meeting for team leaders

9 h 30                Call of competitors

9 h 45                Mayor Etelka Romanek’s opening speech

10 h                   XVI. Duna Marathon long distance and medium distance start

10 h 30              XVI. Duna Marathon small and mini distance start

16 h 30                  XVI. Duna Marathon award ceremony,

the awards will be given by Etelka Romanek, András Neuzer András and Gábor Erős


Start-end point of the XVII. Duna Marathon is here.



The history of the Duna Marathon


In the 90’s there were no marathon competitions in Hungary.

CXO was very popular, there were races with competitors up to 600.


The mountain bike sport developed very fast. In 1995-96, we even had UCI World Cup races in Csillebérc with big efforts together.

Because of the big number of participants, I decided to try to make marathon competitions in Hungary.


The first maration took place in Visegrád, on the Mogyoró Hill in 1997, where the competitors had to make two circles with in bad weather conditions, literally in a swamp. This was the race called Gepida Marathon.

The success of the competition made me and my friend Pista Pálos think during long nights in the pub that it would be a great idea to have competitions within historical places, “from castle to castle”



The first Duna Marathon preceded two years of planning. This was because it was a huge challenge to make the race from the castle of Buda to the Visgrád castle.


There were two lengths: a 100 km and a 65 km one. There was an extraordinary amount of permissions to get, and I was silly enough to claim that we will bring the competitors back to Budapest. With a lot of costs, I rented a ship waiting the competitors to arrive at Visegrád.


We were awaiting the competitors to register at the National Gallery in the Buda Castle. from 7 AM – unexpectedly, people started to flood, because there was no pre-registration by the time, and everyone registered on-site. Seeing the masses, organizers started to panic, competitor plates ran out in minutes, and as a prompt solution, we had to write new numbers with marker pens on pieces of cardboards. When we ran out of those, we wrote the numbers on the helmets and arms of the competitors.


Some competitors came with amazing bicycles, small camping bikes, TESCO wrecks etc., really different types of people started the race, some of them facing the challenge in joggings and sandals, just as they got out from their beds. The atmosphere was unbelievable!


Everyone had only one single aim: to reach Visegrád before dusk. Maybe it was a miracle that almost everyone accomplished this task from the 700 participants.

Fair enough, but the ship I rented had only a capacity of 450 people – thanks God, the captain said OK for all the cyclists. The ship looked astonishing with cycles and cyclists everywhere. But the real task started only now: the hundred-year-old ship was floating down the Danube so slowly it took 5 hours to reach the Batthány square in Budapest. Still, we didn’t manage to frighten the tired people to participate, and next time we had even more coming.


From the fourth year on, we ceased to use the Buda Castle as a starting point due to the high costs of closing down the roads, police security measures and transport. I decided to make the Duna Marathon a round race, similar to other marathons, which gained more and more popularity by the time.


Duna Marathon become one of the most valued marathon competition of Central Europe in the past 15 years. Competitors come regularly from 6-8 countries, and the race was the Hungarian Championship many times. 7 years ago, we founded the TOP Marathon series with my fellow organizer colleagues: we uniformized the rules, the age groups and the lengths and started to summarize results